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Center for Human Rights Reports on Foreign Land Deals

JILP staff Lau­ren DeMar­ti­ni and Syl­wia Wewio­ra have con­tributed to a recent report by the Cen­ter for Human Rights and Glob­al Jus­tice on For­eign Land Deals and Human Rights.  The report was devel­oped in sup­port of the man­date of the UN Spe­cial Rap­por­teur on the Right to Food, Olivi­er De Schut­ter.  From the Exec­u­tive Sum­ma­ry:

The obser­va­tions offered in this Report con­tribute to an under­stand­ing of the essen­tial min­i­mum steps that can be tak­en to enhance the ben­e­fits of invest­ments that are already under­way, while mit­i­gat­ing the risks mov­ing for­ward. These obser­va­tions com­bine an analy­sis of oblig­a­tory human rights stan­dards applic­a­ble to states involved in these invest­ments with pro­pos­als for pri­vate actors to ensure that their activ­i­ties respect the rights of affect­ed com­mu­ni­ties. Ulti­mate­ly, these rec­om­men­da­tions can­not sub­sti­tute for the need to fun­da­men­tal­ly reeval­u­ate an increas­ing­ly dis­cred­it­ed phi­los­o­phy: that large-scale indus­tri­al­ized agri­cul­tur­al pro­duc­tion and bio­fu­el invest­ments, as cur­rent­ly con­ceived, can ensure the envi­ron­men­tal and devel­op­men­tal needs of the plan­et in a sus­tain­able and equi­table way. The rights of com­mu­ni­ties affect­ed by large-scale land invest­ments must final­ly take cen­ter stage. Their agency over resources must be respect­ed and the devel­op­ment of poli­cies to address their needs must be made a pri­or­i­ty.

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