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The N.Y.U. Jour­nal of Inter­na­tion­al Law & Pol­i­tics Online Forum offers rapid turn­around pub­li­ca­tion for time­ly, rel­e­vant pieces. Please email to sub­mit a piece to JILP Online Forum.

Online Sub­mis­sions

N.Y.U. Jour­nal of Inter­na­tion­al Law & Pol­i­tics Online Forum is the N.Y.U. Jour­nal of Inter­na­tion­al Law & Pol­i­tics’ exclu­sive online pub­li­ca­tion. JILP Online Forum fea­tures pieces by inter­na­tion­al law prac­ti­tion­ers, pro­fes­sors, and cur­rent law stu­dents.

We invite you to sub­mit con­cise, top­i­cal, and time­ly work that con­tributes mean­ing­ful­ly to the inter­na­tion­al law com­mu­ni­ty. Sub­mis­sions may take the form of essays, arti­cles, com­men­tary, speech­es, inter­views, or respons­es to oth­er writ­ten work.

Sub­mis­sion Guide­lines

We ask that you con­sid­er the fol­low­ing when sub­mit­ting your piece to JILP Online Forum:

  • Top­i­cal – does the sub­mis­sion address a cur­rent and time­ly issue in inter­na­tion­al legal prac­tice and schol­ar­ship?
  • Impor­tant – does the sub­mis­sion address a crit­i­cal issue? Will the sub­mis­sion have a prac­ti­cal impact, or sup­port prac­ti­tion­ers and aca­d­e­mics in a mean­ing­ful way?
  • Con­cise – while we will not turn sub­mis­sions away based on word count, we are look­ing for pieces that are light­ly-foot­not­ed and between 3,000 and 5,000 words. As a guide­line, any sub­mis­sion with more than 50 foot­notes is like­ly more appro­pri­ate for sub­mis­sion to JILP print edi­tion.

For­mat of Sub­mis­sions

We only accept elec­tron­ic sub­mis­sions to JILP Online Forum. Sub­mis­sions should be sent by e-mail to in Microsoft Word for­mat. The sub­ject line of the email should read “Online Sub­mis­sion.” The sub­mis­sion should uti­lize foot­notes instead of end­notes. All sub­mis­sions must include:

  1. A cov­er let­ter with the title of your piece, a brief abstract, and the word count (includ­ing foot­notes).
  2. A copy of the writ­ten sub­mis­sion.
  3. The author’s resume or C.V.

Note on Tim­ing

Sub­mis­sions to JILP Online Forum are rolling. How­ev­er, we will be review­ing con­tent more heav­i­ly from Sep­tem­ber to mid-Octo­ber and Feb­ru­ary to mid-March. We also con­sid­er sub­mis­sions over the sum­mer months.

We con­sid­er each sub­mis­sion we receive using an exten­sive review process, which can take sev­er­al weeks. If you receive an offer from anoth­er jour­nal dur­ing this time­frame and need an expe­dit­ed review, please con­tact us with the appro­pri­ate details. Please note, how­ev­er, that because of our review process, any sub­mis­sion that is expe­dit­ed for a date less than one week from when you seek expe­dit­ed review may be dis­ad­van­taged. Expe­dit­ed review pro­vides your piece with no com­pet­i­tive advan­tage in our process.

Cita­tion to the Online Forum

All pieces pub­lished on the Online Forum may be cit­ed as fol­lows:

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